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YEAR 1876 


:m:.a.:r,c:e3\ isvv. 



Queeris University at Kingston 



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YEAR 1876. 


^dZ-A-iaCEr, 187J7- 


In beginning this Second Animal Keport of our dear 
" Holy Tabernacle Association " we feel it to be an impe- 
rative duty to express our gratitude. , Yes, deep, heartfelt 
gratitude ; first, to God, who deigned to look with pleasure 
on the anxiety we felt for the neatness, the cleanliness, we 
dare not say, the glory of His Sacred Altars. Our un- 
easiness touched His Sacred Heart, and He blessed our 
little Association, sending us a large number of new mem- 
bers, consequently increasing our resources, and enabling 
us to extend the sphère of our beneficent charity. (1) To 
Him then above ail, and for ail, bc om- grateful homage. 
Secondly, to you dear Associates, wh -se indefatigable zeal 3 
persevering charitf, love for the Eucharistie God, and de- 
votedness to ail that relates to His glory hâve drawn down 
upon our work the choicest favors of heaven. It was im- 
possible for the Divine Goodness to behold your activity, 
your constancy and not associate Himself to your efforts, 
so it is to your generous actions we owe His assistance, 
and consequently the wonderful success which this Report 
will fully prove. -Thanks then to you once more, and 
thanks to ail those who by their prayers or by their. words 
hâve been the helpers of our dear Association. As we hâve 
before said, the word of God cannot be without effect, and 
if He has promised so great a reward to those who, for His 
love, give food and sheUer and consolation to the poor, the 
houseless and the afflicted ; how much greater and super - 
abundant will be that granted to those who by their labors 
and their alms assist in person the Divine Mendicant of 
our Tabernacles ! Yes, dear Associates ! Jésus Himself 
stretches forth His hand to us saying : u I am in need, 
help me, " then raising up towards heaven that hand which 
you hâve filled with loving gifts, Hq says to God : cc My 
Father ! Thy children of earth hâve given food and raiment 
to Thy Son from Heaven. Bless then Thy children of earth 
at the request of Thy well-beloved Son. " Thèse thoughts 

(1) 99 Parish Churches and 12 Chapels in 17 différent Diocèses, 
hâve, during the course of the year 1876, received assistance from 
the " Holy Tabernacle Association. " 

force us to Write what is almost unnecessary, so well are 
wc aware of your excellent dispositions ; but our ardent 
désire to sec you reçoive a stil more abundant share of 
heavenly blessings, inspires us to say : Courage dear Asso- 
ciates; yes, courage for your own happiness 1 Courage for the 
prosperity of our dear Association ! Courage for the love 
of the Most Blessed Sacrament ! Courage for the consola- 
tion of the Sacred Ileart of Jésus ! And as the Immaculate 
Virgin so happily said to the shcpherdess of Lourdes, so 
we now say to you : u I promise you that God will make 
you happy, if not in this world, at least in the next, where 
alonc truc happiness is found. 

HEPOrçr FOR THE YE/R 1876, 

This year, 1876, began for the Holy Tabernacle Asso- 
ciation, by a séries of favors which led us to hope for the 
most magnificent results. In January, several kind bene- 
factors sent handsome New Year's gifts in the shape of silk 
dresses, pièces of linen and lace, and sums of money. Then, 
the number of our Associates and active members was con- 
siderably increased. Several of the first Catholic ladies in 
the city, anxious to fulfil the duty of good example imposed 
upon them by their position, most faithfully attended on 
the appointed sewing days, contributmg time and labor and 
money. His Lordship Bishop Fabre honored one of our 
meetings by his présence, and warmly felicitated the Asso- 
ciates on their zeal and persévérance. A few weeks later, 
came His Lordship Bishop Healy of Portland, bringing to 
us gifts, and blessings, and congratutations. So many 
marks of interest and approbation being considered évident 
proofs of the importance of our work, it was thonght advis- 
able to give to its principal and most devoted co-operators, 
a new title and increased favors. For this purpose the 
Directress of the Association having consul ted His Lordship 
the Bishop of Montréal, addressed to each of the Associates 
the following circular : 


Gentlemen and Ladies, 

The great development which our " Holy Tabernacle 
Association " has already attained, being patronized by 
large numbers of the most distingaished citizens of Mon- 
tréal and neigbboring cities, leads us to hope that you will 
look with favor upon our new project, which has the spécial 
blessing and approbation of His Lordship the Bis hop of 
Montréal It is, to open, this year, a List of Extraordinary 
Benefactors of our Association whick is so dear to the 
Sacred Heart of Jésus. This title may be acquired by any 
person who will agrée to pay $25.00 every year for four 
years. In return, the Association promises to hâve the 
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated for them every month, 
as long as the Society shall be in existence. 

Having been so far, very sucessful, I am hopeful of 
meeting with the approbation of ail, and bog to subscribe 

With respect, 

Gentlemen and Ladies, 

Your very humble servant, 

The Directress of the H. T. A. 

The project was well received, for twelve devoted friends 
of the Blessed Sacrament at once sent in their first sub- 
scribtion , several others followed, and we are quite sure, . 
that ère long, a host of others will do likewise. While our 
fnnds were being thus increased, very many active and 
willing hands were busy multiplying the number of sacred 
vestments and adding to the stores of altar linen in prépa- 
ration to be distributed to poor churches. We should like 
to mention the names of a large number of membars, whose 
devotedness and fidelity are bsyond ail praise ; but having 
made for ourselves a rule never to do so, we must be silent. 
Besides, our dearest Lord knows them, for it is our conso- 
lation to repeat their names in His présence, and to ask 
for them a hundred fold reward. Yes, a hundred fold 
reward will most assuredly be given them for their loving 


labors of each week ; for the trouble they take to collect 
subscriptions, to solicit alms, to cnlist new members, to 
turn to good account so many articles, which in less skilful 
hands, would certainly be lost. The Immaculate Mother 
of God will Herself pay the wages of Her dear Son's la- 

It is not surprising that so much activity and persévé- 
rance produced great results. The exhibition of vestments 
and other articles for Church use was a magnificent proof 
of this. This exhibition we shall now fully describe : 

Several wecks previous. a notice appeared in the city 
catholic newspapers both French and English. The follow- 
ing is translated from a French paper. 

Exhibition at the Congrégation de Notre-Dame, June 8 
1876. The- Annual Exhibition of Vestments, Altar linen 
and Sacred vessels destined by the u Holy Tabernacle As- 
sociation " for the poor churches and parishes that hâve 
bcen recommended to it, will be held on the 8 th., 9ih and 
lOth of June, in the hall of the Congrégation de Notre- 
Dame. This exhibition will be opened on Thursday the 
8th instant at 3 P. M., when His Lordship the Bishop of 
Montréal will consecratc the Sacred vessels and bless the 
vestments. It will be closed on the foilowing Saturday, at 
3 RM. 

The Holy Tabernacle Association is now too well known 
and too highly appreciated to require any long appeal in 
its favor. Nevertheless, we most carnestly invite those gc- 
nerous soûls, who are lovers of every good work, to visit 
this exhibition of articles for church use, where they will 
behold the astonishing results of the alms, the labors and 
the industrious and persevering economy of the devoted 
friends of our Lord. 

It will be impossible for the Catholic visitor to behold 
this magnificent collection of precious articles, and not hear 
a powerful interior voice calling for assistance for the 
oreater development of this splendid Association, which is 
specially destined to adorn the Altars of the Living God, 
and render them less unworthy of His Adorable Présence. 
The True Wiïness of June 8th said : 


The annual exhibition given by the " Society of the Ta- 
bernacle" ofsacred vessels, church orn amen ts, and sacred 
vestments, etc., will take place at the rooms of the Congre, 
gation of Notre Dame, St. Jean-Baptiste Street, Montreal- 
on the 8th, 9th and lOth of June, instant, commencing at 
3 P.M., each day. The bénédiction and consécration of 
the sacred articles will be performed by His Lordship, the 
Bishop of Montréal, on the first day of the exhibition. Ail 
are invited to attend. 

The articles distributed are contributed by the members 
of the Society, who pay an annual fee of fifty cents, and 
they are destined for gratuitous distribution among poor 
clergymen and needy parishes, where without the assistance 
of this society, the Divine services would be performed in a 
manner unworthy of the Majesty of our Lord. In looking 
over the names of the members of this most worthy society, 
we regret that there are very few of our countrymcn ins- 
cribed in its ranks ; on making this remark, we were told 
that it was not much known among the Englishspeaking 
Catholics of this coantry, we regret this, and we hope that 
our friends will go and see the exhibition, become members 
of the society, and make known to their friends its useful 
and eminently praiseworthy objects. 

On the appointed day, a large and distinguislied audience 
were présent to witness the opening cérémonies. The 
Minerve having published a detailed account of the pro- 
ceedings, we translate from that paper : — 

Yesterday afternoon, the Annual Exhibition of the 
"■ Holy Tabernacle Association " was opened in the Hall of 
the Congrégation de Notre-Dame, St. Jean Baptiste Street. 
As is well known, the object of this praiseworthy Associa- 
tion is to corne to the assistance of poor churches and pa- 
rishes, by providing them with what is indispensable for the 
célébration of the Divine Mysteries. On enter ing the large 
Hall, we were struck with the number and variety of 
articles exhibited. Some of the chasubles and sacred vessels 
are richly ornamented, ail are of finished workmanship. It 
would be impossible to form an adéquate idea of the im- 


mense amount of labor, involved in the making of the 
alniost endless variety of vestments and altar linen which 
met our view. Somc were generous donations froin the 
proprietors of our church stores, but ail the others were 
made by the Ladies of the Association, or by the Pupils of 
the Congrégation, in this city, and in a few of their 

At half past three, His Lordship the Bishop of Montréal 
entered the Hall. Notwithstanding his weakstate of health, 
our kind Bishop would be présent, to give still another 
mark of interest in an undertaking, which he had himself 
founded, and which is so dear to him. He was accom- 
panied by Révérend Canons Plamondon, Dufresne, Edmond 
Moreau and a large number of clergymen. 

Among the laity présent were His Worship Mayor 
Hingston, Mr. Alfred Larocque, Sr., Sheriff Leblanc and 
Mr. Beullac. 

His Lordship expressed himself highly pleased with the 
Exhibition. He had visited several of a like nature in 
Rome, and yet he had never seen so large nor so rich a 
collection as the présent one. He specially congratulated 
the Ladies who had devoted themselves to supply poor 
churches with what is requisitefor the célébration of Divine 
Service, exhorting them to persévère in their noble efforts, 
and remindiog them that they were continuing the Blessed 
Virgin's labor of love, clothing our Divine Lord as She had 
done during His sojourn on earth. He assured them that 
by fulfilling their splendid mission, they were laying up 
treasures for themselves in the kingdom of God, who had 
promised a spécial recompense to those whose charity would 
lead them to assist their less favored brethren. 

His Lordship then performed the ceremony of consecrat- 
iDg and blessing the Sacred articles. 

A choir of young ladies, former pupils of the Congréga- 
tion very effectively rendered a pièce of vocal music appro- 
priate to the occasion. 

Then followed an address remarkable for beauty of style 
and delicacy of feeling. It was read by a former pupil, in 
the narac of ail the Members of the Association : 

9 . 

My Lord, 

In tendering our sincère thanks for the honor conferred 
upon us by your Lordship's présence hère to-day, we also 
wish to take advantage of this auspicious event to recall the 
humble beginnings of a work visibly blessed by Providence. 

In June 1866 while the Children of Mary of the Con- 
grégation of Notre Dame were making up altar linens for 
poor churches, a pious prkst sought to awaken renewed 
zeal in this time-honored custom by reminding his hearers 
of the destitute condition of some country churches, and 
the sad straits to which necessity often brought poor mis- 
sionaries ; tins taie of woe found an écho in a devoted 
daughter of Mother Bourgeois ; this zealous religious fully 
imbued with the tradition al spirit of that revered Found- 
ress whose one motto was u Charity " sought to exercise 
this heaven blessed virtue towards the Divine Prisoner who 
through boundless love for man, " on earthly shrines ro- 

A plan was soon drawn up and submitted to the head 
of the Diocèse who lent a willing hand in this labour of 
love; your Lordship's blessing is a forerunner of success, 
the clergy answered the appeal after the Diocesan retreat, 
the priests were registered amongst the first members, 
since that the good work has spread to twenty diocèses and 
it reckous thirteen hundred associâtes. 

This glance at the last ten years reveals more than one 
vacancy among the earnest promoters of the Tabernacle 
Society. The valiant soûl who founded it, fought unto the 
last the good fight of the Lord's chosen ones, her heavenly 
Patron was that Blessed Spirit whom the church désignâtes 
a standing at the right hand of the altar of Incense, " This 
glorious archangel will hâve unfolded to the Faitful Spouse 
the glories of that Heavenly Home where her loving children 
often raise their sorrowing hearts. Some months ago a 
worthy successor was also called to her reward. Thèse trials 
may sadden us, my Lord, but they likewise strengthen the 
mighty bonds that bind us to the Congrégation of Notre 
Datne. This spécial realm of Mary has been for many the 
home of their youth, and for ail the guardian of our holiest 


What pious thoughts crowd upon us, when after an 
interval of two centuries we can meet on the same spot 
where Jeanne Le Ber worked and prayed unceasingly for 
twenty years. Your Lordship knows full well how deeply 
rooted Mother Bourgeois' teachings are throughout this 
country : we, her favored children reap the golden harvest 
of filial gratitude ; family ties are not easily sundered, so 
amidst the world's ways, a sacred guidance seeks to remind 
us of hîgher aims, while pious lives and religious isimplicity 
are daily proofs that a Saintly Foundress bequeathed a still 
living spirit to her daughters. 

We can simply hope for a continuation of thèse good 
things, so we dailv pray that our Immaculate Mother, may 
prosper our humble efforts, that they may spread far and 
wide from this blessed centre the Congrégation of Notre- 
Dame of Ville Marie : for this purpose we turn as ever to 
your Lordship's spécial patronage and claim a blessing for 
our numerous benefactors. The Sodalists of Notre Dame 
des Victoires hâve always been the most indefatigable as- 
sistants, this décade of untiring zeal deserves a grateful 
mention, else we would not havè singled them out. 

Once more, My Lord, our heartfelt thanks are due to 
your Lordship, need we add that your Lordship's words of 
encouragement are a coveted reward. May the Sacred 
Heart of Jésus repay our debt of gratitude by showering 
upon our revered Prelate the choicest blessings. 

His Lordship replied in his usual happy manner, and 
alluding to the wishes expressed in the address, said that 
he too hoped the day was not for distant, when Sister Mar- 
garet Bourgeoys, the pious Foundress of the Congrégation 
de Motre-Dame, would be venerated on our altars. 

AH présent then repaired to the convent chapel, where 
His Lordship gave Solemn Bénédiction of the Blessed Sa- 
crament. The singing by the community choir was very 
fine. As it would be impossible, after our short visit to 
the Exhibition, to give an exact account of everything it 
contained, and as we are most anxious to relate the wonders 
worked by the " Holy Tabernacle Association, " we append 
a complète lût. 


18 Candlesticks 
3 Crucifixes 

3 Holy Water Fonts with 

2 Censers 

9 Missals 

3 Sets Altar Cards 

1 Missal Stand 
3 Ombrellinos 
3 Ostensoriums 
8 Chalices 

7 Ciboriuins 

5 Sets of Altar Cruets 
3 Oil Stocks 

12 Confession Stoles 

10 Réversible Stoles 
21 Bénédiction Stoles 
30 Copes 

80 Chasubles 

2 Dalmatics 

8 Bénédiction Veils 
25 Barettums 

13 Pyx Covers 

10 Boxes for Altar Breads 

21 Pyx Cases for the Sick 

22 Bénédiction Burses 
12 Missal Marks 

10 Cases for the Sick 

24 Ribbons for Tabernacle 

3 Burial Stoles 
10 Small Candlesicks 
3 Crowns for Statues 
8 Tabernacle Veils 
10 Ciboriura Veils 
24 Amict Ribbons 
6 Ostensorium Veils 
18 Missal Stand Covers 
2 Palis 
39 Albs 

36 Alb Cinctures 
23 Surplices 
52 Cottas 
197 Amicts 
312 Finger Towels 
240 Purificators 
151 Corporals 
27 Bénédiction Corporals 
35 Linen Palis 
52 Altar Cloths 

10 Communion Cloths 
52 Stole Linens 

11 Chrism Cloths 
27 Towels 

As our Associates will, no doubt, be glad to hear who 
were benefitted by the treasures of the Society, we now 
give a complète List of the Parishes, Churches and Chapels 
which it was our great happiness to assist during the year 


St. Théodore of Chertsey 

St Antony Abbot 

St. Emmelia of Energy 


St Stephen of Beauharnois 

Blessed Alphonsus 

St. Ambrose of Kildare 
St. Calixtus 
St. Patrick of Rawdon 
Sisters of Providence, City 
Sisters of Good Shepherd, 


Sniall Pox Hospital 
Grey Nuns of Varennes 
Grey Nuns of Longueuil 
Sisters of Providence of 

St. Paul 
St Margaret 
St. Donatus 
St. Malachy 
St. Damian of Brandon 
Brothers of St Vinc. of Paul 
Deaf and Dumb Asyluni 
St. Anastasia 
St. Hubert 
St. Basil 

Chapel of Our Lady of Ange 


St. Lazarus 

St. Telesphorus 

St. Monica 

St. Luke 

St. Juliana 

St. Sophia 

St. John of Matha 

St. Cosmas 

St. John Chryeostom 

St. Martha 


St Anicetus 


St. Dominick | St. Placidus 


St. Paul of Chester 

St. Wenceslas 

Christian Brothers of Artha- 

Our Lady of Mount Garmel 
St. Sophie of Lévrard 


St. Joachim of Shefford 

St. Pius 

St. Agatha of Beresford 

St. Damian 




His Lordship the Bishop of 


The Grey Nuns 







New- Port 

St. Venantius Hereford 



La Passe 

Lake Temiskamingue, Hud 
son's Bay 



St. Epiphanius 



St. Paul of tho Croes 


Magdalen River 
St. Francis Xavier 
St. Mathew 

Our Lady of Seven Dolors 
(Green Island) 


Magdalen Islands 

Indian River 





St. Louis of Kent 

St. Francis of Madawaska 

New Castle 
Madawaska St. Basil's 

Key West 



St. Albans 
Ogdensburg | Redwood 




Beaver Creek 

Winnipeg | Tulalipe 

Besides twelve small chapels, making a total of seven- 
teen Diocèses and Ninety-nine Parishes. 


Our gifts were not bestowed up on ungrateful hearts. We 
hâve receivcd from a large number of Priests, our venera- 
ted and obliged récipients, letters replète with the liveliest 
expressions of gratitude. As they belong, by right, to our 
dear Associates, we shall now give a few extracts from 
thèse letters, sure that a knowledge of the pleasure afforded 
by their donations and labors, will increase their zeal and 
devotedness. It is so sweet to feel that we hâve donc some 
good, and afforded some happiness to others. 
Révérend Sistcr, 

On last Wednesday I received the parcel, which the 
Directress of the Holy Tabernacle Association was kind 

enough to forward for the paîish of St. Our 

gratitude is very great, and we should like to hâve the 
opportunity of expressing it personally to ail, who hâve had 
any share in this act of kindness and charity to us. The 

parishioners of St as well as their Parish Priest, 

are poor in money, but rich enough in grateful feelings to 
ask of God to shower down His choicest blessings on our 

I remain, &o. 

Révérend Sister, 

According to your désire, I hasten to acknowledge the 
receipt of the parcel from the " Holy Tabernacle Associa- 
tion," for my poor church in Key West. May our Divine 
Master continue to bless your noble efforts in the holy 
cause of providing what is necessary for the célébration of 
the Adorable Sacrifice of the Altar in poor churches. Hop- 
ing you will believe in the sincerity of my grateful senti- 

I remain, &c. 

Révérend Sistcr, 

I received, last week, the articles you forwarded to me 

for the Church of Accept my sincère thanks, 

and please beleive in my best wishes for the success of the 
u Holy Tabernacle Association." 

Very truly yours. 

. 15 

My dear Sister, 

I hâve just received the Set of Green Vestments which 
I had asked for, and which was so much needed in our 
poor little Mission of St. Paul's. It is almost needless to 
say how pleased I was, and how fervently I thanked God 
for inspiring you with so much generosity and devotedness 
in coming to our assistance. 

I remain, &c. 
Révérend Sister, 

I hasten to acknowledge the receipt of the several articles 
you were kind enough to send me from the Holy Taberna- 
cle Association on the 24th of June last. In return, please 
to accept my sincère thanks for yourself, and for those 
pious and charitable persons who are constantly engaged in 
what is so agreeable to God. 

1 hâve the honor to be, &c, &c. 
Révérend Sister, 

I received, in good order, the parcel you sent me. Be 
so kind as to présent my thanks to the good Ladies of the 
Congrégation de Notre Dame, Montréal, who dévote them- 
selves with so much zeal to provide poor Missions with 
what is necessarv for Divine worship. 

I am, with respect, Yours, &c. 
My very dear Sister, 

I am happy to acknowledge the receipt of the magnifî- 
cent gift which your kind community sent to one of my 
poor missions. Rest assured, that the first time I shall 
celebrate Mass with those vestments, you and your good 
sisters shall hâve a large share in the Mémento for the Liv- 
ing, in order that God may continue to provide you with 
means of which you make such excellent use. 

I remain, &c. 

It is with deep gratitude and great happiness that I ac- 
knowledge the receipt of magnificent vestments from the 
Holy Tabernacle Association. In return for this favor, I 

16 , 

sliall do my utinost to make your admirable Society better 

Very rcspectfully yours. 

Heverend Sister, 

I received, with great pleasure, the Chasuble you sent 
me. It is, no doubt, blessed ; if not, please let me know 
before the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I am 
truly grateful to the Society which is a source of so much 


Very truly yours, 
M a dam, 

I beg to apologize for not having sooner acknowleged the 
receipt of what you were kind enough to send me for my 
missions of the Magdalen Islands. I thank you most sin- 
ccrely, and I shall ask of God to reward your generosity, 
I showed ail to my parishioners, who were astonished at the' 
richness of the donation. Indeed, I was far from expecting 
so many things which are however ail necessary. Once 
again, let me say how grateful I am. 

I hâve the honor to be, &c. 

Révérend Sister, 

It is my duty to day, to thank you in the name of the 
Catholics of this place for the handsome présent of vest- 
ments which we received from the Association of which 
you are the Directress. The value of thèse vestments is 
about one hundred and thirty dollars which is an ample 
proof of the excellence of the Society which you direct, and 
of the great assistance it renders, each year, to the poor 
missions ofour diocèse. Charitable persons should do ail 
in their pojver to assist you. 

Deign to accept our best wishes for the prosperity of 
your Association, and believe in the assurance of our lively 

Very sincerely yours. 

T wenty other extracts might bc given but our space will 
not allow us. Almost every letter of thanks con tains a new 
request. This must encourage us to make renewed efforts. 


Who will not be filled with zeal after reading the following 
éloquent appeal from a mother in favor of lier son who is a 
missionary priest. 

ïo the lady dlrectress of the holy 
Tabernacle Association. 

Révérend Madam, 

Having heard of the great advantages to be derived from 
becoming members of the Holy Tabernacle Association 
whieh assists poor missions, I thoughl you would be good. 
enough to accept of the following names and the enclosed 
contributions. The object of thèse Associates is to corne 

to the assistance of Révérend Missionary 

Priest on the Island of Anti'costi and part of Labrador. 
You will hâve some idea of the poverty and extent of his 
missions when I tell you that they are eleven in number, 
and that they extend from two hundred to two hundred and 
forty miles on the North Shore, including St. Margaret, 
Moisic, Seven Islands, &c. 

Of thèse eleven stations, only two hâve Chapels : Moisic 
and St. John, both are entirely devoid of altar linen, vest- 
ments and Sacred Vessels ; in a word, of every thing neces- 
sary for the célébration of the Holy Sacrifice -of the Mass. 
The poor Missionary must carry from place to place, the 
single white vestment which he possesses ; and travelling 
there, is by no means easy, for there are ne;ther horses, nor 
vehtcles, not even roads. In summer, he may go in a barge 
or on foot by the sea shore ; in winter, on snow shoes, when 
the snow is deep enough, or drawn in a sied by dogs, when 
the weather is very cold. Tt is most inconvénient to hâve 
any baggage. If this poor priest had a few sets of vestments, 
he might leave some at his principal missions, and thus 
travel with greater facility, but above ail, be able to treat 
Our Lord with greater révérence. The people on the North 
Shore are in a state of extrême poverty. Their only re- 
sources are hunting and fishing, and for the last few years 
both of thèse hâve completely failed. The soil might be 
cultivated, but the inhabitants hâve not the necessary im- 
plements,_ nor the means to purchase them. 


On the Island of Anticosti, within an extent of about 
three hundrcd miles, there are eight or ten posis to be 
visited by the missionary priest during the nionths of June, 
July and August. The poverty of the people hère is still 
greater. There is no chapel at ail ; and, on the 4th of last 
November, when ail communication with the island and the 
mainland ceased for a period of five or six months, the poor 
missionary was obliged to leave quite a number of families 
in the greatest distress, separated, as it were, from the en- 
tire world. What his feelings were cannot be described, 
any more than thehardships, the dangers and the privations 
to which he is constantly exposed. This, the most extensive 
mission in the Province, belongs to the diocèse of Rimouski, 
which is the poorest of ail diocèses, and one in which every- 
thing lias yet to be done, without either means or help to 
do it. Please excuse the length of this letter. My object 
in giving you so many détails is to excite your interest in 
favor of thèse poor, far distant missions. I hâve the honor 
of being acquainted with your Révérend Mother Assistant 
General whom 1 had the pleasure of meeting at St. Roch's 
Convent in last October, and to whom I made known my 
intention of apply ingto the " Holy Tabernacle Association." 
The Révérend Lady was kind enough to encourage me, 
and to promise me lier assistance ; so, for ail référence, you 
will please apply to her whose name is so high a recommen- 
dation for me. The missionary for whom I am soliciting 
aid is my son. Ile could not do so himself this year, as 
there will be no means whatever of communication. during 
the whole winter, and his letter would only reach you in 
spring when it would be too late, I thought I would apply 
for him, relying on the pis^tection of the very Révérend 
Mother Assistant. 

Believe, me, Révérend Madam, 

Very respectfully yours, 

To work then, once more, generous friends of Him who 
dwells within our Tabernacles ! To work with renewed 
ardor ! Increase your gifts ! Redouble your activity ! Let 
consolation and joy go forth from our dear Association to 
ail those that need them : and let us strive to obtain new 


members and new laborers with whom we may share the 
happiness, as well as the spiritual riches, of our cherished 

We subjoin, for the information of ail, the following 
détails, which give the object, the means, and the advan- 
tages of tho (i Holy Tabernacle Association." 

lst. Gentlemen as well as Ladies are received as mem- 
bers of this Association. Children also, and it will be 
found an effectuai means of drawing down upon them the 
choicest blessings of Heaven, 

2nd. Ticket of Admission to the Holy Tabernacle Asso- 
ciation. Established in Canada by His Lordship the 
Right Révérend I. Bourget, Bishop of Montréal, under the 
spécial patronage of our Lady of Fil y. 

In réparation of the outrages Our Lord and Savior 
received during His Passion, and of those Hedaily receives 
in the Holy Sacrament of our Altars. 

Annual contribution of each member, 50 cents. 

lo. The spécial object of this Society is to assist the 
Churches and poor Missions, by prosuring for them the 
linen, vestments, &c, &c, &c, according to the funds of 
the Society. 

2o. The funds of the Society are lo. The annual contri- 
butions of each member, 2s. 6d. 2o. Whatever resources 
the zeal and industry of each member may offer. 3o. 
G-eneral alms. 

Besides thèse, the Society will gratefully receive any 
article that may be utilized aud made serviceable. for Chur- 

3o. The Church of Our Lady of Pity in Montréal is the 
centre of this Association ; and to become a member of it, 
the name of the person admitted most be inscribed on the 
Registry which is kept in the Community of the Congré- 
gation de Notre-Dame, and, from there, receive a Ticket of 

4o. To honor Our Lord's présence in the Holy Sacra- 
ment, and in remembrance of the Dolors of the Blessed 
Virgin, the associâtes will, each hour during the day, say : 
11 Praise, Love, and Adoration be given to Jésus in the 
Holy Sacrament. Holy Mary Mother of sorrows, pray for 


5o. The lst and 3rd Friday of each month, the work 
room in thc basemcnt ef the Chapel of Our Lady of Pity, 
will be open to the Lady meinbers of the Society, who can 
there assemble and dévote a part of their time to assist in 
inaking the vestmcnts, &c., <fcc, &. To convenience a greater 
nuniber who may wish to participate in this good and meri- 
torious work, the door will remain open from 8 to H a. m. 
and from 1 to 5 p. m., for the above mentioned days. 

6o. The Society will each year give a full account of its 
progress, the gifts received and alms distributed by it to 
the différent Churches and Missions. 

The pupils of Religious establishments can hâve the 
privilège of being members of the Asoociation, provided 
they, each year, collectively, send to the Society their con- 
tributions which cannot be less than $10. 

There is a Mass celebrated in the Church of Our Lady 
of Pity, every month for the associâtes. 

3rd. The donations made by the Association are for the 
Parish Churches, Chapeîs, &c, and not for the Parish 
Priests. We beg to call the attention of Parishioners to 
this, as a strong motive to subscribe to this good work. 

4th. We particularly request ail those who receive any- 
thing from the Association, to let us know of its safe arri- 
vai, as soon as convenient. 

5th. The annual exhibition takes place in the month of 
June. Due notice of the particular days will be given in 
the city newspapers. 

6th. Ctergymen unable to pay the full value for vest- 
ments, &c, may give according to their means, and thus 
help to keep up thc Association. 

1434 members hâve been enrolled in our Society. Their 
contributions hâve amounted to $2600.00, by means of 
which, we hâve been enabled to corne to the assistance of 
those whose wants were most pressing. We hâve every 
reason to hope that our resources will continue to augment, 
so that we may meet the many demands coming to us from 
so many places. Dear Associates, let un unité our prayers 
and good works to obtain this most désirable end. 

A new favor has just been granted to the " Holy Taber- 
nacle Association." The following letter from II is Lord- 


ship Bishop de Segur will explain it. Further détails may 
be had from the Directress of the Association. 

May the heavenly grâces so freely offered to us, encour- 
age us to niake greater efforts to do good. 

Paris, December 21 st, 1877. 



To His Lordship The Bishop of Montréal, (Canada). 

My Lord* 

In reply to Your Lordship's désire, as well as to that of 
the worthy Diocesan Director you were kind enough to 
give us, I .hasten to inform you officially, in the name of 
the Central Council of the Association that your tl Holy 
Tabernacle Association'* with its Statutes now forms part 
of the General Association and that the Six Penny contri- 
bution is included in the twelve and a half francs paid to 
poor Churches. 

The Associates hâve a right to ail the Indulgences, past, 
présent and future of St. Francis of Sales, provided they 
say daily, the short prayer with the invocation to the Holy 

Wishing Your Lordship and his holy Diocèse, ail the 
blessings of the Divine Infant and of His Spotless Mother 
for the coming NewYear. 

I hâve the honor to be, My Lord, most respectfully and 
affectionately, Your devoted servant, 

f L. G. de SEGUR, 

Canon, Bishop of St. Denis Chapter, Président General 
of the Association.